Insists that the Oriora continues to seek the penetrations with the usual Kerron Johnson, are still the Tuscan to the command in the second period opening, Krubally supports the new maximum advantage, 30-37.

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Insists that the Oriora continues to seek the penetrations with the usual Kerron Johnson, are still the Tuscan to the command in the second period opening, Krubally supports the new maximum advantage, 30-37.

According time speaks Latvian with Strautiņš and Silins to sign the baskets that carry Trieste forward. Alma to + 9 on then 65-56 Brescia reaction with the Germani 1xbet casino bonus that closes to minus 5 at 64-69. New ripping Trieste at the beginning of last quarter.

Fernandez and Cavaliero for 77-66, Brescia tries to react but they are the baskets of the cavalier, the heart of Trieste, to definitively reject the attempt of the Germans comeback. (Lorenzo Gatto) TRIESTE: Strautiņš 16, Cavaliero 13, Wright 13. BRESCIA: Allen 23, Hamilton 20. MILAN-PISTOIA 107-83 continued without worries the AX Milan march that regulates Pistoia. Toscani but not disfigure at all, the coach Ramagli men, with Kerron Johnson and Krubally out, remain in the game for 35 minutes.

In the fourth period, partially driven by Fontecchio close games for the Italian champions stretching decisively in the final. Kuzminskas Burns and the most positive among men of coach Pianigiani. Basketball, Serie A, Milan-Pistoia 107-83 THE GAME – Two triple Kerron Johnson opened the game with Pistoia trying to surprise the champions of Italy, 2-8 after a dunk in Krubally break. Milan reacts with the first blasts of James and Brooks, 7-10.

Oriora remains forward with the fast hands even Kerron Johnson, Pianigiani begins to shuffle the cards by inserting Burns dopi two fouls premature Tarczewski, 7-14 after the blitz of Auda. Awakenings in red and white house with Della Valle on the scoresheet with five points yarns, the former cheese catfish of minus 1, 13-14. Do not let go of it the coach ranks Ramagli still close responsive to iron, Krubally makes room for the new plus 5 sealed by Auda, 15-20.

Try increasing the defensive intensity the AX, James creates and comes overtaking with the front triple Burns, 24-22. Insists that the Oriora continues to seek the penetrations with the usual Kerron Johnson, are still the Tuscan to the command in the second period opening, Krubally supports the new maximum advantage, 30-37. Nedovic restores new offensive energy Olimpia, Burns is also deadly from the perimeter, it is overtaking the lay-up of Kuzmnskas, 42-41.

Twelve points in a row in the Lithuanian keeping the Milanese red and white interval ahead, 53-48. After the long break the Milanese escape, the quintet from “European” flavor drag the Italian champions at the first wide margin, 58-48 with Tarczewsi protagonist. the usual Kerron Johnson and Krubally slow down the rush of the hosts, 65-55 after the dunk Peak In Pistoia not lack heart and energy.

Dominique Johnson wakes up, but it is a quintet that especially speaks Italian to produce the dramatic recovery for the Oriora, 76-72 signed by Severini. A triple Fontecchio shakes from the torpor the Olympia, five points of the former partial Cremona in that in the double digits shows the margin of the samples of Italy, 83-72.

Pistoia ends on fuel while Cinciarini first, and still the Kuzminskas-Fontecchio couple then bundle the extension that certifies the successful AX, 90-74. (Mark Taminelli) MILAN: Kuzminskas 20, Burns 13, 12. Tarczewski PISTOIA: Krubally and K.Johnson 21, Auda and D. Johnson 10. BRINDISI-SASSARI 84-90 Dynamo captures a good external victory that confirms the positive start seasonal Sardinian, able to pass on the Apulian field against a team that never gave up.

Basketball, Football, Brindisi-Sassari 84-90 the game – Too strong Sassari, in trouble Brindisi. The first few minutes (8/15 to 6 ‘). Net difference under the boards: Sassari 47 rebounds (Colley 11), Brindisi 10. But the essential difference lies in the defenses: the Sardinians have left to breathe the home team; among other things, playing at speed with an intensity as to be frightening.

Yet despite the advantage of 10 points (38 ‘: 76-86) the Sardinian team with a hint of arrogance, left the field to the hosts a 11-3 telescoping that puts them bin race. In fact, at 15 “from the term Brindisi has only two points to recover (84-86). Effort that paid dearly for it is Bamforth put things into place for his team with a 4-0 closing the accounts. (Francesco De Simone) BRINDISI Clark 33, Chappell 12, Brown 12. SASSARI: Bamforth 21, Petteway 19, 19.

Cooley AVELLINO-VIRTUS BOLOGNA 90-96 With merit Virtus Bologna won the second away win in the league thanks to the winning couple punter-Taylor (45 points). After the blitz debut in Trieste, this time the blow to Paladelmauro is even more thunderous with Sacripanti Bologna coach that consumes the classic revenge of the former.

Applauded by Paladelmauro and awarded a plaque from his old company to the unforgettable three years lived in Irpinia, it is the coach of Canterbury with his choices and rotations management (not including the other Qvale remained in Bologna for a contracture muscle back) to allow the Segafredo to win the two points. On the other hand, however, according to disturbing ko for Sidigas Avellino after Cremona also against Virtus it is literally collapsed physically and mentally over the past 5 ‘(still out Campani and Campogrande).

Not enough to Avellino 43 total points in the Cole-Costello torque. the game – And ‘Bologna to a good start with an immediate 0-6 promptly equalized from 6 consecutive points to Cole that address the entire first quarter in equilibrium. The triple M’Baye still allows to Virtus to close in on the advantage 25-26.

The monologue does not change even in the second quarter despite Bologna try to stretch thanks to a 8-0 break signed by Taylor and Martin that allows men to Sacripanti to go to the maximum benefit of +7 all’11’30 ” (27- 34). But the Sidigas this time with 8 consecutive points of Green (2 triples) falls promptly in the race going to the long rest, however under two lengths (46-48).

In the third quarter, however, Avellino finally shakes and with a partial 11-0 flips the inertia by putting the forward muzzle (61-53 to 25 ‘). Costello and Filloy to give a shock to Irpinia, but Virtus never gives thanks to the collective. And so before Kravic and then Martin restrict the passive closing the third period at 70-66.

Avellino himself at 33 ‘maximum advantage of +7 with Cole triple (78-71) but also has the advantage that Bologna is already in the bonus with Taylor who stumbles onto the fourth penalty. But that is where the match took place: Sacripanti coach decides to leave the field Taylor and he’s right. The US play to the sound of triple Bologna immediately brings in the game until the -1 to 34 ‘(80-79). The Sidigas clings to Green for 85-81 before going totally black out.

Coach Vucinic surrender even to the pivot bearing inexplicably in the field instead of the disappointing Nichols Costello on the bench. Kravic, Taylor and Punter other side instead not nothing wrong and Bologna with a 10-0 break midiciale puts the arrow and passes definitively Avellino (85-91 to 38 ‘). Advantage that the Bolognese maintain until the final 90-96. (Domenico Zappella) Avellino: Cole 23, Costello 20, Green 15. Bologna: Punter 23, Taylor 22, 14.

Kravic VENICE-PESARO 97-62 Venice meets in Milan and remains at the top. SuperTonut (22 points, 5 assists), a big return on a team that sends scored 11 players, eight from the arc. Pesaro never in the game, docile in both parts of the field.

Basketball, Football, Venice-Pesaro 97-62 the game – Devastating Human rebounding (8 in the first 4 ‘), impeccable Vidmar, but low percentages: this Pesaro remains attached to Raffaele De quintet (4-4), then Tonut lights (8-4), purposeful. As soon as they arrive the triple Haynes and Stone, Venice flies away (14-4). Enter Bramos, double triple (25-8), with Tonut to 9 points. The Vuelle continues to not report, the Human rampant (27-9), evaluation first quarter: 41-2.

Rebounds? 16-7. Absolute Domain Reyer. The Vuelle stirs from slumber at the start of the second quarter (29-16), Raffaele De located in Giuri another weapon to riallontanare Pesaro (35-16) with two triples in a row.

A mid-quarter made his debut with Shashkov Vuelle Also, the rooms also Umana +26 (52-26), again doubling the Marches (the 52-28 second siren). Daye, Bramos and Haynes resume hammering from the perimeter (67-34), Pesaro is always collapses more. After 26 ‘at high rates, the Human is allowed a relaxation, earning the 6-0 Ancelotti, Murray and Artis (67-40). It ‘s just a moment: Triple Mazzola (70-40), Triple De Nicolao (76-40): 8 De Raffaele players to score from the perimeter.

Venice even at +40 (80-40). And ‘the Stephen Tonut game, the first to share touching 20, Venice stretches (86-44), before granting space even in Pesaro (90-54) .Titoli tail flowing in advance. (Michele Contessa) Venice: Tonut 22, 13.

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